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Chocolate Rum Cupcakes

rum cupcakes
July 17, 2016 / 10 Comments

These Chocolate Rum Cupcakes will definitely provide ‘death by chocolate’ sensation. Loaded with rum, one of the favorite treats of mine. I fell in love with boozy-chocolate taste a while ago, so I decided to serve it to my friends as well.

I took it a step further and boozed up the…

Baked Vanilla Donuts with Jam

Baked Donuts
May 5, 2016 / 38 Comments

Hello Guys! I finally bought donut pans, of which I was dreaming since I moved to New York City.This city is now officially in the golden age of donuts, which definitely dethroned cupcakes. I really wanted to have baked ones though, which are definitely the way to go to…

Pomegranate Cupcakes with Coconut

Pomegranate Cupcakes
April 6, 2016 / 38 Comments

Rich in vitamin C, full of antioxidants, pomegranate was regaled as a culinary symbol of Aphrodite by the ancient Greeks. Some say it’s a  ‘forbidden fruit’. What I also found out while googling it, in other Western lore, the mythological unicorn was tied to a pomegranate tree.

Because of…

Apple Cupcakes with Crumb

Apple Cupcakes
March 23, 2016 / 24 Comments

Very easy, quick and super tasty Apple Cupcakes ! Packed with fresh apples, with a  crumb topping. They are just too good, Perfect for a weekend morning treat. You can have them mixed up quickly and get back to your lazy morning. My friend fell in love with them!…

Quick Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls
January 12, 2016 / 29 Comments

I love this recipe! Perfect for those who are in a hurry. No yeast, no dough-punching, no waiting for it to rise! Perfect for breakfast, brunch or dessert. To make my cinnamon rolls more unique, I decided to experiment and add some peanut butter and coffee to the dough and…